Hayfever workshop

with Medical Herbalist Marie Mulcahy

Temporarily suspended

Learn what hayfever is and what the causes and symptoms are. Learn how to treat hayfever naturally and make your own hayfever remedy unique to you and a simple aromatherapy ball using the oils provided.


Aura Photo

with Howard Minton

Saturday 24th October

By appointment

Receive a beautiful aura photo which can reveal information about how you are functioning mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in your life. It can simply aid self awareness and gives a deeper insight into yourself.

£30 includes a colour photo, 2 page printed explanation and channelled message.

£6 deposit required when booking

Meet your guides psychic development workshop

with Medical Herbalist Marie Mulcahy

Temporarily suspended

This introductory workshop is for those who wish to develop their intuition, to get more from their daily meditation practice and to progress further on their spiritual path.


Fertility and pregnancy

with Medical Herbalist Marie Mulcahy

Temporarily suspended

During this talk Marie will explain what you need to know for pre-conception to postpartum. She will also take you through the key stages and will give you nutrition tips and describe how a Medical Herbalist would address such concerns. You need to prepare your partner for conception too! She will talk about other complementary therapies that can play a part as well as through the journey from pre and post birth. A limited amount of de-stress aromatherapy misting sprays will be available to buy.


Transformation game

with Eniko Noll

Temporarily suspended

This is a board game that can be a powerful tool which provides a way of understanding and transforming the way you play your life. It can show you the kind of experiences you create, how you react to them and how you can change your responses to realise your highest potential and achieve your goals.

Donations accepted.

Relaxation and mindfulness class

with Zena Boutayeb

Every Thursday online. Please contact us direct to find out the details 


Creating space to BE in a busy DO-ing mind and world

A space to re-connect and enhance the naturalness of being using simple methods based on breath, mindfulness and Chinese body system practices.  Gentle movement techniques are incorporated to help release any compacted stress. This paves the way to allow more ease and presence during the guided relaxation.

No experience necessary all are welcome

Suggested donation £5-£10

Spiritual Reading Group

Temporarily suspended

A warm friendly space has been created where everyone is invited to come along and share together the joys and richness of spiritual books, poetry, music and even our own life experiences and creative works or inner wisdom.

In doing so, this may open up questions or find answers that can be of benefit to us in our day to day lives,

Whatever draws you to this space, we look forward to sharing with you, as the more we share together the more we grow together.

^The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals^ – Khalil Gibran

We also organise monthly walks for everyone, whether you come along to the group meetings or not, you are more than welcome to join us. Please contact Christine on 0797 100 4584 or email for details.

£2 minimum donation

Tarot card readings

with Ian Wayman

Saturday 12th September 


Ian Wayman is a psychic tarot card reader descended from water way Gypsies and is giving insightful readings and guidance.


No advance booking required