Sound Healing

with John Hofton

Session duration: 60 mins

Cost:  £35

Available:  Most days

Sound healing is increasingly being recognised as an aid to deep relaxation, increased energy flow and as a way to still the mind. At the beginning of your sound healing session, John will teach you a simple breathing technique which will promote an atmosphere of inner peace and physiological balance ensuring that you are receptive to the healing energy of the pallet of sounds he will create from his wide selection of instruments e.g. Tibetan singing bowls, Japanese xylophone, Traditional American Indian flute, Traditional Brazilian Shaker, Gemshorn, Dream Chau Gong and Sacred Solfeggio Tuning forks.

The meditative focus on the breath will also enable you to feel grounded, centered and secure throughout the session so that the resonances of the healing sounds will produce the most beneficial effects on you. John will also encourage you to use your heart-centered intent to access your own inner vibration leaving you feeling more connected to the core of yourself.