with Stephanie Byrne

Session duration: see below

Cost:  see below

Lava Shells Relaxing Body Massage
The blissful and truly luxurious Lava Shells Relaxing Body Massage offers the ultimate indulgent treatment. It combines lavender, magnesium, marine sea algae and black lava rock inside the smooth shells to create a soothing warmth and detoxing effect. During the deeply relaxing massage, the shells are worked over the back, legs, feet, arms and palms finishing with the neck and shoulder area to ease any tension, knots and stress.

60 minutes – £55

Hot Stone Therapy Massage
Relieves muscular aches and pains in specifically targeted areas by applying a soothing deep tissue pressure point massage using hot basalt stones.

60 minutes – £45

Warm Bamboo Massage
An innovative treatment to aid lymph drainage, promote restful sleep, help sensory nerve perception and provide stress relief. A variety of massage and reflexology techniques are carried out through the application of warmed bamboo sticks resulting in a deep sense of relaxation and re-energised well being.

60 minutes – £45

Warm crystal therapy head and shoulder massage
Ideal for the relief of anxiety, this soothing treatment can harmonise the boys’s energies and emotions through the application of warmed therapeutic crystals and calming massage.
60 minutes – £45

Mother to be massage
A specially designed seated massage especially tailored to the needs of the mother to be.
30 minutes – £28