John Hofton

Toning and Mantra Chanting Circle

John is passionate about and has been making music for most of his life. His early music career started at the age of ten as a chorister in his local church. At school, his music teacher encouraged him to take up the flute and he later studied at the Marseilles Conservatoire, France, for a short time. He has played in various amateur orchestras throughout the UK and in recent years has been a member of various Circle Dance ensembles, including Cosmo Kolo.

He is a Trainee Master Practitioner of the Awakening Network which was founded in 1984 by Ken and Elizabeth Mellor. John has been in training with them for over 20 years, ever since they initiated him into the Vedic Mantra. He is also a Reiki Master. He has been doing mantra chanting on a regular basis for over 20 years with various meditation groups.

John has also in training with Tim Wheater with whom he is studying for the Diploma in Sound Healing, which he completed in May 2012.