Jim Hirsch

Awakening Network Meditation Class

Jim was introduced to meditation in the 1980’s and has continued to study and deepen his awareness through practicing Hatha Yoga and Mantra. For several years now, he has run regular evening classes in meditation and one and two day meditation workshops and has a good understanding of how to introduce people to meditation in a way that many have found meaningful and life affirming.

The Vedic Mantra as used by the Awakening Network is an ancient meditation with its roots going back many thousands of years into the past. Many people, including those aspiring to full Awakening or those wanting to experience the many practical benefits that come from increasing the Life force flowing through their systems, have used it throughout its long history.

Jim also teaches other meditations which have helped people with both inner awareness and with dealing with their day to day worldly lives.

His sessions are always open to anyone whether they have meditated before or not and he always gives full instructions to those who are new to this type of meditation.