Herbal Medicine – The Urban Based Herbalist

with Marie Mulcahy Bsc

Session duration: 60 mins

Cost:  £50

Available:  Tuesdays

On your first consultation Marie will take time to learn about your health concerns by listening to what brings you to the Urban based herbalist. She will note all the details of your presenting complaint, review your previous medical history and family medical history. You will discuss what medication you take and have taken in the past. Together, you will undertake a review of all your body systems and will undertake physical examinations including blood pressure and pulse and where appropriate, other physical examinations.

The conclusion will be a tailor-made treatment plan which may include nutrition and lifestyle advice. A herbal prescription will be created and within a few days you will receive your herbal medicine. Time is needed to review each case to ensure the best treatment plan is created. Herbal medicine takes time to work as plants need to synergize within your body.

Clients are asked to bring with them any recent medical investigation reports, their G.P details and other relevant health care professionals.

Alongside a list of current medications including contraception if used and any supplements and/or herbal medicine.
Herbal medicine is suitable for joints and bones, hormonal health, heart and circulation, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, fatigue syndromes, energy and stamina, emotional health, digestion, autoimmune conditions, allergies, skin and hair.