Helen Scott

AromaTouch, Crystal Chakra Healing, Hopi Ear Candles, Holistic Reflexology, Reiki, Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage, Top to Toe Treatment.

Helen’s journey into holistic therapies began in her early 20’s after developing M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome) whilst completing her degree in Performing Arts. This left her bed bound and determined to come out the other side stronger. Her priority to become better both health wise and as a whole, became her passion, so she sampled many different therapies and lifestyle changes, gradually building up strength and learning as she went. During this process, Helen noted how emotional and psychological problems can affect the whole balance of a person and she was able to address these issues within herself alongside addressing the physical problems.

As Helen’s health improved she went on to study the therapies that had helped her to recover and she has been practising professionally for over 5 years. She loves this work, whether it is offering a moments peace in a busy, modern life or working on deeper issues. It’s wonderful to watch how therapies can positively transform people as they have done to Helen. She finds it particularly rewarding working with people who struggle with fatigue, supporting them towards recovery as others did for her.

Helen’s passion is helping other people to move forward positively in all areas of their lives and providing a safe, gentle space for people to experience peace and relaxation.