On the basis of electro-acupuncture, WegameTest Expert Plus developed a simplified method for allergen and organ diagnosis.
Changes in the skin resistance become visible by using impedance measurements, allowing a differential diagnosis of over 5000 substances – without elaborate laboratories, which offer an immediate and efficient diagnosis, without stressing the patient. 

This method is mostly used to determine allergies, but also to discover incompatibility for materials or toxins. Old pathogens, causal chains, therapeutic substances and causes of illness can be located in a 30 minute session.

Perfect For a Wide Range of Customers.
Test expert plus is excellent to use on children and infants because testing neither causes any pain nor does it have contraindications. With this efficiency as well as the cost-effective test its use is essential for daily practice.

Test expert plus

Indications of the cause of disease without side effects


Organ function . Emotional condition . Inflammatory areas . Deficiencies . Intoxications . Allergy disposition . Causes of pain conditions

The gentle method

The Test expert plus is used via 30 years old VEGATEST method that been completely redeveloped from even older electric acupuncture by Dr.Voll.

With Test expert plus we delve deep into diagnosis – you are so as to speak in a direct dialogue with patient’s organism. Using a bio impedance measurement it is possible to measure any reproducible point of skin resistance.

The test substances used in the measurement loop are answered by the change in skin resistance caused by the stimulus. This enables the practitioner to gather information about organ loads and the cause of illnesses to be discovered quickly and efficiently ( i.e. rheumatoid pain conditions, food intolerance, hidden inflammatory processes.)

Above all remedy tests determine the most individual, tolerable and effective prescription.

Your benefit


. The comfortable allergy test: No pricking, no itching, no rushes

. Detecting long distance effect of organs

. Detecting and tracing metal intoxication

. Time saving analysis of environmental pollution

. Microbial statFus

. Detecting inflammatory foci in the tooth area

. Finding causes of pain conditions i.e. migraine

Five simple steps


. Please come to your appointment calm and relaxed.

. Tell us about your present medication

. Please do not apply creamer or lotion to your hands.

. At the day of your measurement please avoid coffee, alcohol, black tea or smoking.

. Please schedule at least 45 min for your test.



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