Courses - to book call 0161 434 6784

Health on a plate nutritional course

with Barbara Louvrou

A weekly course with dates to be decided. Please contact Healthyspirit if interested.
Workshops - to book call 0161 434 6784

Basic palmistry workshop

with Robin Lown

Saturday 11th November

Beyond the molecules of dis-ease

with Barbara Louvrou

Saturday 23rd September

Celebration of light service

with Reverend Fay Barratt

Thursday 21st December

Energy healing for digestion

with Rachel Jacobson

Saturday 28th October

Morning Sadhana

with Daria Wawrzynska

Last Friday of the month- Friday 29th September, Friday 27th October, Friday 24th November

Open day


Saturday 4th November

Osho meditation

with Mark Sutton

Every Wednesday starting 18th October

Palm readings

with Robin Lown

Friday 10th November

Psychic supper

with Leigh Rebekah

Tuesday 31st October

Relaxation and mindfulness class

with Zena Boutayeb

Every Thursday

Sis-stars sacred cacao ceremony

with Zena Boutayeb

Saturday 21st October

Spiritual reading group


First & third Monday in the month

Supporting cancer naturally

with Barbara Louvrou and Sarah Casey

Saturday 23rd September 10am-11am, Thursday 26th October 2pm-3pm, Thursday 16th November 6pm-7pm

Talk and supper

with Jamie Leggett and Alison Dawson

Wednesday 11th October

Tarot card readings

with Leigh Rebekha

Saturday 7th October, Saturday 18th November, Saturday 16th December

Wellbeing supper club

with with Natures Plus and Allicin Max

Wednesday 11th October
Ongoing events - to book call 0161 434 6784

Conscious integration

with Lisa Howard

Saturday 16th September, Saturday 14th October, Saturday 11th November, Saturday 9th December

Drumming circle

with Tony Johnson

Tuesday 12th September, Tuesday 10th October, Tuesday 14th November, Tuesday 12th December

Healing hands

with Christine Graham, Patricia Derbyshire and Kim Lewis

Every Tuesday except Tuesdays 19th & 26 September

Informal meditation group


Every Tuesday

Qi Gong

with Jenny Thomas

Every Friday

Reiki share group

with with resident, Reiki Master Teacher Julie Brown

Thursdays 14th & 28th September, Thursdays 12th & 26th October, Thursdays 9th & 23rd November, Thursday 14th December

Spiritual healing

with Jean Maudsley

2nd September, Saturday 7th October, Saturday 18th November, Saturday 16th December

The awakening meditation class

with Jim Hirsch

Every Wednesday. Meetings start agin 13th September.