Oksana Roberts – Health Kinesiology 

Oksana's story started in Russia where she was born. At the age of fifteen she came across some non religious books on spirituality and alternative therapies, which was the turning point. So many things resonated with her and sparked off the love of life, acceptance of herself and the world as it is. From this point onwards she felt an immense source of energy that was driving her to raise universal vibrations.

After finishing Masters in Organisational Psychology she worked in clinical settings though was never happy with the limitations of the conventional medical model. She sensed that there were more effective and less invasive methods of healing mental and physical illness than taking potent drugs with toxic side effects or undergoing surgery. To peruse her enquiry she travelled and learned from spiritual teaches in India, Nepal and Thailand. Then, she trained in a number of holistic therapies such as Health Kinesiolgy, Nutritional Therapy, EFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy.

The alternative therapy that she resonated with her the most is Health Kinesiology which she now practices in conjunction with giving nutritional advice to her clients.


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