Neil Brocklehurst – Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher of Inka Mysticism 

Neil's path to shamanism and Inka mysticism has been a long one. Aged seven, Neil already had a keen interest in magic. In his later teenage years he began a lifelong interest in Buddhism and meditation and then embarked on a 25 year career in healing and healthcare, later working as a public health nurse, researcher and as a consultant to the Department of Health.

In 2005 Neil made a bold career choice and set off in search of new paths to healing which took him to the Peruvian Andes and the reaches of the Upper Amazon. He trained in shamanic healing with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society and then undertook a series of initiations into the Inkan Mystical Tradition in 2009. He also has a keen interest in indigenous plant medicines and regularly participates in medicine ceremonies with Ecuadorian maestro Miguel Chiriap of the Shuar Nation.

Since 2008 Neil has been working with clients in both Malta and the United Kingdom as a shamanic healer, teacher and advocate of Native American and Esoteric European mystical traditions. He lives in Manchester and works regularly at Healthy Spirit.

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