Cacao and Cashew Nut Truffles

Healthy Admin - Sunday, March 06, 2016

Written by Mussarrat Butt


1 cup dried pitted dates
1 cup cashew nuts
1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil
1 tablespoon of cacao powder
1/4 cup desiccated coconut (for coating the truffles with)


  1. I always check the dates have been pitted by cutting them with a knife before washing them in water. The last thing you want is to hear the crunch of a date pit in your food processor.
  2. I placed the cashews in my food processor and processed until they were finely chopped. 
    I emptied the mixed nuts into a bowl and set them aside for later.
  3. I then placed the dates in my processor and processed them until they stuck together and formed a ball. 
  4. At this stage, I added in my chopped cashews, 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of cacao powder.
  5. I then processed all the ingredients in the food processor until they were properly mixed and then emptied out the nut/date mixture into a bowl.
  6. Using wet hands scrunched the mixture until it all came together. You may need to add some water as it depend how dry the mixture is.
  7. The next stage is easy, I rolled small amount of the mixture into balls and then coated each ball with desiccated coconut.

These truffles will keep in the fridge for around 28 days.
When introducing new foods like cacao into your diet, observe how it makes you feel as everybody has a unique digestive system. If cacao has any adverse affects like making your heart race, you feel more anxious, headaches then leave it out of the recipe or substitute cacao with other ingredients like carob or maca powder.

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