Welcome to HealthySpirit Online

HealthySpirit was established in Didsbury, Manchester in 2003 by nutritionist Sarah Casey as a holistic healing centre. It is the philosophy of the staff and therapists who work there that in order for a person to experience complete well-being the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies need to be in balance and working in harmony with each other.

HealthySpirit is the perfect place to start on your road to good health and well-being with the shop downstairs providing a comprehensive range of health foods, supplements, flower essences, homeopathic remedies, crystals, meditation and music CDs, spiritual and self-help books, incense sticks, crystal jewellery tibetan bowls, chakra and crystal essences and much more. Above the shop is the healing centre where a wide range of holistic therapies take place as well as courses and various workshops throughout the year, which you can read more about on the following pages.

Supplements and remedies

Supplements and remedies

At Healthyspirit we have a wide range of vitamins, herbs and homeopathic remedies to suit all budgets. In many cases we sell our supplements in different forms from tablet or capsule, powder to tincture all in various quantities.
All our supplements are carefully selected from several tried and tested companies that we value and enjoy dealing with to meet the needs of our customers providing the best quality nutrients in the UK market.
If there is a remedy you would like and cannot locate, please contact us by email or telephone as we may be able to order it in for you. Likewise if you would like some advice as to which supplement to take, please email or telephone us and a qualified nutritionist can advise you as which one would be the best one for you to take.

Healing and therapies


We have a wide range of different treatments at Healthyspirit to heal body, mind and spirit. Whether your aim is relaxation or to heal, we aim to provide the perfect setting for you to focus on yourself and to make the most of your time at Healthyspirit. All the paid therapists are qualified and insured and are tried and tested by the staff at Healthyspirit. At Healthyspirit the therapists work from their hearts and are committed to supporting you in helping you to achieve good health and well being.
If you would like some advice as to which treatment to have, the staff at Healthyspirit are happy to discuss your needs further and to help you choose a therapy that would best suit your requirements.

Workshops and courses


Throughout the year we have various talks, events and courses that are all linked to health and well being. Some of these events are continuous and will run on a weekly or monthly basis, for example Meditation classes and the Reiki Circle. We also have an increasing number of classes that are free where the facilitator is happy to accept donations which 50% goes towards the Healthyspirit bursary.
If there is a particular course or workshop you would like to see at Healthyspirit that we are not currently doing, please do contact us and put your suggestion forward for consideration.